Monday, January 16, 2012

Mardi Gras Time!

When I decided that I wanted use deco mesh around our door, I never realized what I would have to go through to find it!  In Louisiana, every store has deco mesh.  Even Wal-Mart and Sam's carry rolls of it.  After calling and visiting over a dozen stores, I found it!  I've given up on finding large Mardi Gras ornaments to complete the look, so this will have to work for this year. 

I have some extra gold and green deco mesh, so we may add some swags down the stairs.

We had to move our favorite wreath to the second front door since our door is too small for it and the deco mesh wrap.

A Mardi Gras flag on the third floor completes the decor.

Sugar modeling his Mardi Gras style!

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