Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Ready!

With Christmas just around the corner, SLU has started to put up their holiday decorations!  Too bad we aren't still seeing the gorgeous weather that we were having last week when I took this.  Unfortunately, it's been cold and rainy for the past 3 days!  I can't wait to see what all SLU does for Christmas and I will definitely be posting pictures!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Christmastime!

No wait, it's not even Thanksgiving!  Oh well.  Tony and I found a new little gift shop this past weekend called Enchanted Embellishments.  This place is like sensory overload!  The guy who owns it absolutely loves the big, elaborate Christmas window displays in New York and decided that he could have them in his shop has well.  He does all of the  decorating himself and honestly, it's gorgeous.  Tony was impressed because they had free food and drinks while you shopped!  Aunt Nell, we bought a present  for you here!  :)

Halloween for the Dogs

Sugar had a great time at the annual PetsMart Halloween Party.  They got to take pictures in front of a Halloween backdrop and walk in a Halloween costume parade around the store.  It was so cute!  They even had a costume contest where the winners won PetsMart gift cards.  Sugar was most impressed by the goodie bag that they received just for showing up.  It was filled with all sorts of new treats!

The Michael Jackson dog definitely stole the show!  Notice the sequined glove!  He had lost one by the time that we got to take a picture.  Too bad that he showed up after the judging because he would've easily won 1st!

OktoberFest - My first and last one

So, Tony convinced me after an LSU game at like 10:30 p.m. to join him at OktoberFest a few blocks away from our house.  It was very cold and had been raining all day, so it was extremely muddy!  Anyway, I can now say that I've been to OktoberFest and have absolutely no desire to return!  As you can tell, Tony plans to spend all day there next year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scary, Squishy Billikens!

We recently had the artwork in our hall replaced with large photos that would appeal to prospective students.  It looks absolutely amazing!  However, a few people in our office are a little afraid of this picture because they think that the little Billikens look like little demons! 

Doggie Birthday Cake

Our groomer sells these customized doggie birthday cakes and I think that they are adorable!  I do believe that Sugar needs one next year!

Riding around in my automobile...

Sorry, but that is the song that I hear in my head when I see a car like this!

SLU Fountain

The campus here at SLU is filled with many statues and foutains.  This is one of my favorites right at the entrance of campus lit up at night.  College church is directly across the street from it.  So pretty!

Happy Halloween, bunny!

Okay, this post is a little late, but we took Sugar to the pet Halloween party at PetsMart.  He had a great time!  I'll have to put up more pictures from it later since they are still on the digital camera, but I did want to share the bunny!  Isn't he huge???

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Sugar and Tony look cozy in their pj's and ready for a day of watching football!!!

Joey B's on the Hill

Since St. Louis seems to think that someone is actually watching the Rams, we can never get the Saints cames here.  Instead, we usually make a trip to Joey B's on the Hill where the dining area has roughly 10 plasma tv's.  It's football overload!  They always switch a tv to the Saints for us (thank you!) and we enjoy some of their yummy food while we watch the games.  Their pizza was recently featured on Rachel Ray's show featuring the best pizzas in America.  It's very yummy!

Sugar Likes to Nap!

This is his absolute favorite spot to nap!  It's in the window seat of our master bedroom on the third floor.  Unfortunately, it seems to be getting too cold for that because he's not sleeping there as much.

A view from the window that he's sleeping in.  You can see the gorgeous church in the background!

Sugar says Hi!

Silly Sugar.  This is one of his favorite places in  the house.  Don't ask me why, but he loves the half-bath downstairs.

He seems to like bathrooms in general!  He likes to sleep on the towels if they are left on the floor.


So, the BBQ place to go to in St. Louis is called Pappy's.  It's only two or three blocks from campus, so we've tried to go a few times.  The problem?  The line is usually the length of the entire restaurant and still continues out through the door and around the building!  We finally decided to go early on a Saturday morning so that we wouldn't have to wait in line for 45+ minutes.  Even still, the wait was around 20 - 25 minutes.  Good thing that the food delivers!  It really is some absolutely delicious BBQ!

It's hard to see from the picture, but there is a sign hanging from the menu that states "Cubs fans pay double."  This was the weekend that the Cubs were in town, so the place was packed with Chicago fans!

Their BBQ awards.  Notice that they are huge butcher knives on the trophies!

9-11 Tribute

On 9/11, SLU placed an American flag on the parade grounds here for each victim.  It was a beautiful, but very sad sight to see all day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

First LSU Game!!!

Well, it's certainly been a while, but I definitely wanted to get these posted.  Each week, there's an official LSU viewing party hosted by the alumni association at a "Louisiana-style" restaurant.  We had a great time, the food was okay, but the restaurant does have a live band which was annoying!  You couldn't hear the tv over the band.  I did run into one of the old student workers who used to work in recruiting at LSU.  How odd!  Geaux Tigers!!!