Thursday, July 26, 2012

LSU-STL Crawfish Boil

While living in St. Louis, our favorite day of the year was the LSU - St. Louis Alumni Chapter Crawfish Boil. Not only was there boiled crawfish involved, but we loved hanging out with our fellow Tiger fans!

This year, our Crawfish Boil Chairman made this fantastic flag pole to mark the location of the event! Seeing the LSU flag flying is always a great site while living in Yankee country!

Love the personalization of the crawfish pots! This was a new addition this Year. Amazing what one can accomplish with stencil and spray paint.

Last year, the event moved out to the Logan Chiropractic College campus. The large pavilion with fans is surrounded by trees. It makes a great, cool location for the event!

No Cajun event would be complete without music! Brent (Crawfish Chairman) even hopped on stage to play with them for a bit! Also, check out the t-shirts! This year, Tony came up with the design and JT produced the electronic version for print. Hanging a crawfish from the Arch was my idea!

We had a great crowd and great weather for the event! Luckily, it was held before the massive heat wave settled over the Midwest.

Mmmmm..... crawfish! You can't understand how beautiful this site is unless you've lived far away from Louisiana for a few years!

Some of our fabulous cooking crew! This is all done by volunteers. A lot of hard work goes into cooking almost 1,000 lbs of crawfish for hungry, displaced Cajuns! As always, they guys did a fantastic job.


Kristen always brings cute desserts to the LSU-STL events. The crawfish cookies were delicious!

Gil and Tony modeling the stupid sunglasses that Tony bought for the crawfish boil. I'm sad to say that I was the only one who hated them. They were a hit with the others!

Sugar even wanted a chance to model them!

In addition to our standard purple and gold jello shots and Dixie beer, we were able to find Abita Strawberry a few weeks prior to the event. Thank you, Randall's!

All in all, our last crawfish boil in St. Louis was an outstanding event. The friendships that we have made over crawfish boils and game watching parties with this group will be one of the things that we miss most about St. Louis. GEAUX TIGERS!