Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mount Pleasant Estates

On a quiet winter day, we decided to drive out to the Augusta wine country about an hour outside of St. Louis. While enjoyable, I prefer visiting during the warmer months.

Mount Pleasant Estates

This is one of many buildings that makes up Mount Pleasant Estates which is the oldest winery in the Augusta area. Established in 1859 by two brothers from Germany, the rolling hills of the Missouri River Valley reminded them of home. They decided that it was a great place to begin their commercial wine business. In the early days, the grounds were filled with both grape and apple orchards.

When Prohibition was enacted in 1920, like the entire Missouri wine industry, Mount Pleasant was forced to close. All of their winemaking equipment was destroyed and the vineyards were set on fire.

Imagine this view in the spring when everything is green!

In 1966, the Dressel family purchased this picturesque property and decided to reopen the winery. Today, Mount Pleasant grows 12 different grape varieties across their 78 acres of land.

Like many of the local wineries, it makes a great wedding venue!

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